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Looking for an app



Is there an app out there that will repair corrupted rar files? It's a spanned rar and it does fine all the way through r29 and then it gets stuck. No errors or anything, it just can't get past r29 of 31 it just keeps trying to write the data to my drive but never makes any progress.
found on an other site:

Q: Can I repair a broken RAR?
A: If the size of the bad file is correct you could try the Repair option. (Note: check size of the file using WinRar. Not, for example, Windoze Explorer. WinRar will give you the exact size of the file in bytes, whereas "Explorer" will report the size in KB and will round off the amount so you 'may' not see the file size where the problem is occuring.)
In WinRAR highlight the broken RAR and click the Repair icon. The repaired RAR will be called _recover.RAR. You will have to rename it to its original name.


heh guess it makes sense winrar would have its own repair tool, guess i should have looked into it a little more.



Repair function won't work also unless the individual who compressed the prog had it included with it ..


what version of winrar are you using ?? you may have problems if your using and older version of Winrar


Originally posted by sboulema
no problem :)
but most of the times the reapir function doesnt work that good
I see this now...

I'm using WinRar 3.10 and it told me that it repaired the file (.r29) but then when I tried to extract it, suddnely .r23 is now corrupt, even though it had no problems with that volume earlier. So I repaired .r23 and attempted to extract again. While I was awaiting the results of that I figured I would post the progress here as well as the result since I assumed (stupid of me eh?) that it would finish extracting by the time I was ready to post...but no, instead it locked up my whole system and I had to cut the power and reboot.

As a matter of pure defiance I decided I would give PowerArchiver 8 a try and see what it could do...

The result...

No problems at all extracting the entire file. And to think, all this time I had only been using PowerArchiver to extract .001, .002, etc files since WinRar has no clue what they are and renaming them all r.01, r.02, etc is time consuming and annoying.


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One problem I noticed is that if the RAR file has been created with a newer version than the one you have, especially if the one that you have is OLD. It will sometimes state that the File is corrupt. If you update or upgrade your version then it works fine.

I say this from experience.


if you have version 3.10 your cool ....its a bad archive ...when you d/l .rar files you have to watch file sizes ....like r00 - r29 are all the same size ...then r30 is smaller ...then the .rar would be the same size as r00 - r29

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