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looking for an app...



im wondering if theres an app of some sort, that will do what notepad does, wordwrap...

like i have lots of text files with text going and going, and im wondering if theres a program that will auto convert it to there, so if it opened in another text program it will stay wordwraped

hard to understand :D :D



I think he wants a program that will do the wordwrap thing and then save the file like that, so he can open it with another prog and it'll be wrapped.
To me, it sounds like he needs an app that will insert a wrap after x number of characters.

I don't know of any app that will do what you want, or how to build one in any real program, but I am decent with javascript and threw together a quick script. Just open up the html file I've attached, paste your text into the first text box, enter the amount of characters to wrap at, and press the convert button. The result will appear in the bottom box. The only bad part is that it will wrap exactly where you specified whether it happens to be in the middle of a word or whatever.

Hope this helps a little bit...

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