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Looking for advice on how to receive survey responses via email.


OSNN One Post Wonder
Hey...I just wanted to say hi to everyone that is a member of the forum and i hope some one can help me. This is first time ever joining a forum but i heard they were extremely helpful. Anyway here is my issue...I need to make a survey and send it to everyone at my company. I've made the survey in outlook...but everytime i send it to someone it never shows up. I think this is because it is not in a shared folder yet...but i also want to be able to get the info from the survey and record it in a database either in excel or access...is this possible? :-\
I believe solving my problem is going to involve a bit of coding and i have not done much coding using Visual Basic so i was hoping we could take this one step at a time.
First i want to be able to send everyone an email then when they click reply the survey comes up and they can fill it out and send the completed survey back to me.
Thanks :)
I don't know about why they aren't getting it, however have you thought about making your survey online, and having a link to it in your emails? This can easily be done in any web language.


OSNN One Post Wonder
I didn't want to put the survey on the internet because I felt it was more for peolpe to do and they would be less likely to take the survey, rather than if it just popped on the screen when they opened the email. Well, I have the survey desinged and everything, now I need to figure out how to get the results.

But about this internet survey, how would i go about that? Because if I can't get it to work this way then I def need a back-up plan.


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