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Looking for a solution

I am looking for an enlightened person or persons to help me with a dilema I am having. Does anyone know of a firewall/NAT solution that will allow me to have firewall type protection while surfing but will also allow me to send and receive files via DCC while on mIRC? I would also like to be able to use Netmeeting as well. I considered using a Windows 2000 server with the NAT function enabled but then I read that the NAT on 2000 doesn't work with the h.232 protocol. I downloaded the trial version of Microsoft ISA server but then I started reading about it and I am not sure that will do what I am wanting either. I have tried using a linux box with a firewall and NAT in the past but this really didn't do what I wanted it to. I have used Agnitum Outpost Pro and liked that but the trial period expired and I installed the free verison but it gives errors when it tries to start up. I have tried Norton Internet Security but I really didn't like it. Any information would be appreciated.


I'd use a SOHO router. Linksys makes a basic router (4 and 8 port switch w/router), VPN routers, and a new product which they call Firewall Router (it's basically the basic router except for you have more firewall control).

I would opt for the basic router. You get a basic firewall/nat solution which works extremely well and you can use programs like mIRC and Netmeeting*. You would simply need to forward the ports you are using to your computer.

* - Note that Netmeeting and Windows Messenger (MSN Messenger) works best with routers that have UPnP. This way, the router can dynamically talk with your computer so that things such as voice chats, file transfers, and RDCs are possible.


Ah, you didn't state dialup. Yes, it's possible to use a dialup connection with a router. It just requires an external modem and a special converter. As for your problem, simply run Internet Connection Sharing on a Windows 2000/XP PC (preferrably XP). If you use Windows XP, run the Windows Firewall and for your firewall. You can forward ports such as 113 and 59 for mIRC to the computer that needs it. As for the netmeeting, run UPnP services on the ICS computer and all the other computers using Netmeeting and such would work fine.

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