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looking for a reliable legit (US) webhost


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my brother is starting a website to publish his articles in. He gets his stuff published on some pretty reputable websites but he just needs his own place in case his articles don't get picked up.

what we are looking for is a reliable good webhost.
the deluxe package from godaddy.com looks really good and cheap and perfect for what he is going to do but I'm looking for alternatives to this. maybe some that people here have used.

this is the link to packages at godaddy.com https://www.godaddy.com/gdshop/hosting/shared.asp?se=+&ci=260
the deluxe package is what he wants cause it would be for a year so he'd get it at 7.96 a month. If anyone else has a webhost in the US they use please let me know.

sorry LordofLa I need a US host or I'd take you up on your offer


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NetRyder said:
Perhaps you could provide justifications for your comments, rather than just claiming certain hosts are "bad"
I thought that sort of thing was banned from the interweb. ;)

Facts, Justification and Rational thinking have no place here apparently :D :p
I have used 1&1 for a few years hosting various sites, linux and windows based hosting, and I can't say a bad thing about them. Virtually 100% uptime, value for money packages and all the sites are super fast on shared or dedicated hosting. What the hell more do you want or need?

If this is bad, then me like bad :devious:


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LordOfLA said:
no-one with a brain uses 1&1 though :p

Seconded. Many people that have used 1&1 have switched away from them for the following reasons:

1. Support was slow
2. FTP uploading was slow (Would not upload at full 128 KB/sec they had avail for their upload bandwidth from their ISP)
3. Stuff just did not work at times, most notable phpNuke website on MySQL

Here are some complaint threads on webhostingtalk.com the industry standard for webhosts:


Search for more yourself :p
And people believe everything they read on the web...

1) Never dealt with support to be honest. Never had the need to, in fact. I'd consider that a good thing. :D
2) I upload stuff almost everyday. Speeds are similar to the ones I get when uploading to my OSNN webspace. So either 1and1 is fine, or the host OSNN is on is just as bad as they are. You wouldn't admit to the latter now, would you, X?
3) Stuff did not work? Everything I've tried so far seems to have worked. Never bothered with phpNuke, but contacting support might help if it doesn't work...just a thought?

As for the two threads...the first one doesn't actually highlight the problem the person was having. The second guy just has no idea what he's doing. Can't change nameservers? I wonder what this is then: http://faq.1and1.com/domains/dns_settings_/13.html

As RickyC mentioned above, I've never had a problem with downtime, speed or anything of the sort. If I had to complain about something, it would be the fact that the usernames they provide are long and cryptic, but that's about it. :p


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NetRyder: there are more complaints on webhostingtalk, and all over. Ive had friends and family switch away from them because their sites were slow and whatnot.

Does not matter to me where he goes. BTW NetRyder, FTP is crippled on osnn.net. Pure-Ftpd is slower than alternatives, but it is the only one with virtual user accounts, which is neat to have.

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