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looking for a new/used windshield


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looking for a new or used windshield for a nissan 240sx coupe... preferably with the headsup display thinger in the glass :)

vehicle model range == 89-93... all used the same style of windshield...

also prefer if the windshield is @ or under $100... and within a 100 mile radius of tampa/florida... in the united states...

lowest price I have seen of a used windshield is $75-100 in my area... I have to call up to confirm availability of the part...

any help provided will be greatly appreciated :)

thanks lads and lasses...



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in the u.k a new windscreen cost £50.....the insurance company pay the rest. do ya get the same thing in the u.s?


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sazar, how long have you had your 240sx for? my brother has one and is putting a skyline engine in his this summer RBdet 25 can't put the 26 in it because its has the AWD transmission.

anyways back on topic have you try your local "pick a part" my brother got a few parts for his car at the one near where we live. and the gauges in the windshield are cool aren't they :)


F@H - Is it in you?
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well I am getting a windshield for $75 from a local place... thats about the lowest I can get it... I checked out the windshield... its a messed up car... but the glass is immaculate... dunno how that happened :D

I got my car for free :)

my brother is a nissan headcase :D he has 2 brand new maxima GLE's (well... 2003 models... were new till I spose around april :) ) and is currently looking @ g35- coupes or a lexus gs series... depends on budget and what not...

that skyline engine should give your bro around 250-280hp stock I reckon... you sure the 240sx drive train can handle that ?

I spose it can... it is a rather torquey little car init :D

anyways... thanks for options... :) I got my stuff done..

and fyi.. had problems getting my insurance to cover it since I had a texas registered car (is florida now) and was texas registered when the glass got cracked initially... insurance said if car was florida registered I woulda had it for $0...

:rolleyes: I hate insurance agents...

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