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Looking for 22" LCD Monitor, Gaming... couple of questions


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Hey guys,

I've been poking around here and there trying to learn everything that I possibly can about monitors. I definitely want to be able to get a good one when I buy one so that I will have the best experience possible. My friend right now who I just built a new computer for is now looking for something bigger than his 17" CRT monitor. He received an ad in the email from TigerDirect promoting a Soyo 22" Widescreen LCD Monitor: 5ms Response, 1680x1050 (Max resolution I'm assuming?), 1000:1 Contrast (better than some I have seen). I can't find anything about the brightness.

I've also been shopping on Newegg a lot, and a lot of the stock brightness options I see is 300cda (is that correct?)... I'm not sure if that brings out the best quality or not.

My questions:

1) Price is definitely an issue here on this one. He doesn't want a $400 monitor. What is the closest 22" monitor you can get best bang for the buck?
2) I'm not sure if I have heard correctly, but have there been issues with games and 22" monitors? I thought I heard something about anything between 20" and 24" is bad... but I can't recall.
3) How do games do with Widescreen monitors?

Any recommendations that we can look up on Newegg? Am I asking the right questions to try and get him the best? Please, any other information you need, please let me know!


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There is nothing wrong with a 22" widescreen. The only negative is that the pixels are bigger, so the image is not as sharp, as a 20" widescreen.

Also, I would prefer to have a higher resolution. I am thinking of grabbing a 30" eventually but my 24" works just fine for my needs. I also have a 19" widescreen tele that sits next to my system which I can employ as a computer monitor whenever I need to use it as such :D

Soyo is a lower end company so they may not have higher end circuitry that companies like Dell, HP, Samsung and others use, even though the panel would probably be the same.
My new boss has a dell 30". It's a dream to work on. Only drawback is the top to bottom scan on full screen changes is very obvious. Unless panel tech has improved at that size I wouldn't play FPS's on it.
Check out the Samsung SyncMaster 2232BW or 2232GW. It's a 22" widescreen monitor and I absolutely love it and I paid under 400 USD. Unfortunately, NewEgg doesn't seem to carry this monitor. I upgraded from an old 17" monitor and this thing is just a work of art and the picture is beautiful. I've had absolutely no issues.

I would highly recommend staying away from TigerDirect. NewEgg is far better to deal with.

I'll let some other people reply to the rest of what you asked.


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My new boss has a dell 30". It's a dream to work on. Only drawback is the top to bottom scan on full screen changes is very obvious. Unless panel tech has improved at that size I wouldn't play FPS's on it.
What video card and refresh does he have on it?

I do presentations on the new 3008 here and I haven't seen any scan issues.


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The panel is similar, although the circuitry is not.

Still, I haven't seen any reviews of the 3007 with issues either on any gaming reviews so I am wondering what it may be.

Typically, I have only seen this kind of issue if the RAMDACs are not potent enough for the 2560x1600 resolution or if there is some kind of power (read electricity) issue. I would think the latter should not be a problem so it is either a problematic display OR, more likely, the issue lies between the computer and the display, i.e. the video card.


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Just to answer the question, he has a nVidia 8800GT. Not sure what his refresh rate is running... I usually set that to 70 in Windows.


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Hey guys,

Any other recommendations on 22" monitors? I'm looking at this for myself now, unfortunately this topic somehow got geared towards 30" monitors which is too massive for both me and also my friend. :) I'm not sure if I would want a 22" monitor, or just a 20". I have a 17" LCD made by Cornea forever ago. I'm looking for something that is obviously cheap, will work great for gaming, is bright and displays everything very nicely.

Any more thoughts? Also, what kind of specifications should I look for in a gaming monitor? Besides on the 22", is there any real advantage to using a 20" regular monitor over a widescreen? Any preferences here? Hoping some of you guys with a lot of experience between the two can share your views. Thanks!


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I would strongly recommend a Samsung 2253BW 22" monitor. It costs about $300 after rebate, tax, and shipping included. The monitor also comes in 2ms GTG for extreme gamers. The standard contrast ratio is 1000:1 and it is a TN monitor.


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Yea its a good choice. Right now I have a Samsung 226BW and i have no regrets. The 2253BW is a newer revision with better standard contrast ratio.


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I have a LG Model : L227WTG-PF and I love it

BRIGHTNESS :300 nits
PIXEL PITCH :0.282 x 0.282
INPUT TERMINALS :-Sub, DVI-D, Rear Jack Position
CONTROL TYPE :Key Number: 6EA (Power Key Included), Key Location: Fron, Key Type: Tact, LED: Blue
HORIZONTAL SCANNING FREQUENCIES :Analog: 30~83 KHz, Digital: 30~83 KHz
VERTICAL SCANNING FREQUENCIES :Analog: 56~75 Hz, Digital:56~75Hz
DIGITAL ON-SCREEN CONTROLS :15EA, English,French,German,Italian, Spanish,Portuguese,Swedish,Finnish,Polish, Russian,Korean,Chinese,Japanese,Greek, Ukraine
DPMS POWER CONSUMPTION :Normal: 40W, Sleep Mode: 1W, Power S/W off: 1W
DIMENSIONS WITH BASE (W x H x D) :507.8x423.5x230mm
SHIPPING DIMENSIONS (W x H x D) :575x453x163mm
WEIGHT (WITH BASE) :Set 5.65kg, Box 6.4kg
ASPECT RATIO :16:10 SPECIAL FEATURES :f-Engine, sRGB, Pb Free, DDC/CI, HDCP, Intelligent Auto, ez-Zooming
Power Cord, D-Sub Cable

More info here


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Yea. The LG one was nice. A few months back, I had to choose between that LG and my current Samsung 226BW. I chose the Samsung over it and didn't regret it. I have a friend that has the LG monitor and it works extremely well.

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