Looking at possible upgrades...

I'm looking to upgrade my PC... perhaps not right now, but sometime soon. Q3 isnt running as sweet as it used to, and I'd like to make it future proof so it would last me a few years at least (I dont upgrade often, I dont see the point as it turns more into an ego thing rather than whats really needed).

Anyway, my current PC is the top one in my sig below. I'm looking to upgrade the cpu,mobo,hsf and ram... video card a bit further into the future.

I've priced up an Intel upgrade and an AMD upgrade... which are as follows (all prices from scan.co.uk and include VAT):

MSI 845PE-MAX (533MHz FSB) - £74.03
Pentium 4 2.4GHz (533MHz FSB) - £131.88
512Mb PC2700 (PC333) DDR - £45.24
Coolermaster IHC-L71 (Delta radiator w/ silent fan) - £24.08
Total: £275.23

MSI K7N2-L nForce2 - £76.38
AMD AthlonXP 2400+ - £106.03
512Mb PC2700 (PC333) DDR - £45.24
Coolermaster HHC-L61 (Delta radiator w/ silent fan) - £24.62
Total: £252.27

Anyone got any opinions on my thoughts of upgrades? I've always tended to use Intel in the past and I definitely favour the Intel setup (purely from experience - Intels have been good to me), but I would consider going AMD if the benefits of doing so are good.

Thanks in advance :)
The AMD is cheaper but the Intel probably runs cooler. It all depends on what the priority is. I for one am prepared to pay a bit more to get a quiter (cooler running) computer.
Geffy: I havent heard of those heatsinks... have you got a url for them so I can take a peek?

Zedric: I've always found AMDs run hotter than Intels, and thats one of the reasons I've always tended to go for the Intel in the past, plus the fact they've never caused me any problems. I thought when I priced them up that I would prefer the Intel kit, but thought I'd see what other people thought before I bought it. Is the mobo a good choice? Is there a better one I should look at?

The main usage is for gaming, but it will be used for office type things too (email, documents etc), so I'm aiming more for a good all-rounder (hence I'm more for the Intel)


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they are good int they, pricey, but good, also try to get a nice quiet fan too, but make sure it pushes a fair bit of air.
I'm gonna go with this setup I think. Gonna buy it next weekend (girlfriend said she'd drive me to scan next saturday - its not far from here - only in bolton :))

Is the mobo I've chosen a good one? I've heard good things bout the MSI mobos, it has an intel chipset (which is what I want - none of that SiS crap (had bad experiences with them in the past)) plus it aint dead expensive

MSI 845PE-MAX (533MHz FSB) - £74.03
Pentium 4 2.4GHz (533MHz FSB) - £131.88
512Mb PC2700 (PC333) DDR - £45.24
Coolermaster IHC-L71 (Delta radiator w/ silent fan) - £24.08
Total: £275.23


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There is nothing wrong with AMDs running hotter. They perform just as well as Intels. They run within tolerances. What's so wrong with that? Either way... Unless you are a big computer nut like me, a PC is a PC for the most part.
Originally posted by jumpy
/Shakes head..

Amd fanboys.......;)
lol init?

thanks to everyone who helped me out :)

I'm buying it all next weekend (visiting family this weekend so I cant get to the shop doh!).

Next thing after this... a nice new case :)

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