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look at this spam

Perris Calderon

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Dear Friend,
I am Anderson Helmut, from Union Bank of Switzerland and one of the Deputies from (Foreign Dept.) in Zurich, Switzerland.I wish to inform you that,l got your contact through a colleague of mine, where you have been a customer to a bank,and therefore, wish to make this urgent and confidential businessproposal.
The management of Union Bank of Switzerland , through the Board of Directors of the bank, have asked the foreign dept.to close the account of certain customers who have
saved with the bank since 1965 from African presidents, who have not been active in checking their funds and bonded certificates with the bank. As a matter of fact, we realised an amount of over $890 billion from this source and we are to transfer this funds into the UBS consolidated account at the end of November ending.
We have repeatedly sent notices to them but no response so far, therefore, your help in this matter will be highly welcomed, if you agreed to compromise with me,on how much funds you will prefer us to transfer into your personal account.
Thanks and awaiting for your urgent answer now, to start processing of the transfer. As you are aware, l am working in conjunction with my people here, and as soon as you state the required funds, we would arrange for your percentage for you.
Remember, it is confidential.
Best Regards;
Anderson Helmut.
Please reply to only this email

I guess peeps fall for this


Political User
Haha.. we were just studying about these type of emails/letters in my Financial Management class. They are usually called 'Nigerian Letters', I think.


The Iconoclast
All I can say is "wow." People fall for that? Well Perris, I think we have our answer as to why the election process is so F&#^ed, if there are even a few people dumb enough to fall for that it's no wonder they don't hesitate to except an answer they don't (can't maybe?) understand. Bad grammar too boot, and people sign over their account numbers en masse. Haha, I guess I'm in the wrong buiseness, sure beats working for a living huh?

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