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Longhorn 4029 Gallery 2


OSNN Junior Addict
Here are some new shots of Longhorn build 4029.

ScreenShot: Welcome to Windows Setup
ScreenShot: Windows Setup Finish Page
ScreenShot: Hardware Detection
ScreenShot: Windows Loading
ScreenShot: Windows Security
ScreenShot: Windows Desktop
ScreenShot: My Computer 1
ScreenShot: My Computer 2
ScreenShot: Windows Update Notification
ScreenShot: Pictures & Video Library
ScreenShot: Documents Library
ScreenShot: Music Library
ScreenShot: Windows Setup - Install Type
ScreenShot: Logon Screen
Source: SuperSite for Windows


I may actually be insane.
New clock just looks mis-placed to me :D

I actually think it's a shame that these builds and shots have leaked so early, kind of spoils the final product (I know that aero is being kept UBER top-secret and no one knows what its like etc...but still :) )
i acutally agree with Speedy_b here, the clocks do look out of place.. kinda like they've just been pasted onto the image :confused: The number format clock also looks out of place too.. in my opinion it looks like a psp job ;)

Unusual screen resolution too :p

Alex :cool:


I may actually be insane.
Yeah, the system-tray clock was like that on the 4015 builds too. I think it looks pretty cool :)
They need to fix that damned task bar though, all your apps are aligned in the center instead of to the left.

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