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London has 2012 games


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It looks like the BBC news website is down, must be getting a hell of a lot of hits with this olympics thing.
It's very good news - Chirac must be fuming! :)

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ray_gillespie said:
It looks like the BBC news website is down, must be getting a hell of a lot of hits with this olympics thing.
It's very good news - Chirac must be fuming! :)
Maybe its french hackers using DDOS's on BBC !!


congrats to the people involved makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside :lick:

ps: For those that dont know I was born in Blidworth its a small town in Nottingham County

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CoasterCowboy said:
I'm sure all of us in Britain would like to thank Mr Chirac for his support in ensuring Paris lost.:rolleyes:
Our food is crap tho, but at least we don't everything with a pulse.
I'll take that back tho ;d
:cry: just come back from my hols in greece,the people of greece are complaining about two things there:- the euro and the 2004 olympic games (which they put taxes up to pay for it ) .So tony will now have an excuse to put taxes up to pay for it .Should have left the french have it !:yowch:

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LOL good point we here in Montreal are still paying for the fiasco games of 1976 Montreal I swear they still are in the red from that !


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Lord can try to keep you posted from the Stratford end of things, maybe... for myself it gives me an absolute backend deadline to move out by! The rent around here will be sky high for those few weeks in 2012!

I wonder how many Londoners, like me, are looking ahead and wondering if they can maybe plan something like their big Australian holiday or round the world trip for 2012? i know I am thinking that way - it'll be interesting to watch London try to get its act together with transport and some of the accomodation issues, there is going to be a whole lot of fuss and bother resulting from this, one of the ironical ones will be that they should finally have to get the UK end of the channel tunnel rail link to France right!

Have to say it was a surprise to me - London's going to go a bit crazy today - but what goes down when the dust has settled will be more interesting.


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Weird they showed the NYC Candidacy commercial last night. heh. Congrats guys. While the NYC olympics won't mean much to most Americans, I'm guessing the London olympics will affect a lot of the British population.


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That is cool that London has the games in 2012. This can just add one more to the French defeats. They are used to it though, they never one at anything ..


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Evil Marge said:
Why,who said we all had to jump for joy?? :lick:
No one did, just rain elsewhere is all, although I did bring a brolly cause i'm British
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More like gloating winners! :p

We will now look with urgency at how the home nations could take part in the football tournaments.
The Football Association's executive director David Davies
Team GB for football?
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