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logitech software & XP prob??



Ok, this is driving me nuts, two weeks ago, I got a spanking new Logitech Cordless Navigator Duo SE mouse/KB combo. I install the I-touch and mouseware software and all works well.
a week later I get a virus that forces me to wipe out my system and start over, the mouse and keyboard now work as default devices and then as soon as I install the I-touch software....bang...nothing works, the keyboard and mouse do not respond!! I end up having to plug in a old ps2 keyboard I have, boot into safe mode and uninstall the logitech i-touch software in order to get my pc to respond!!! Driving me nuts, I really want to get all the quick touch and volume controls of the keyboard working! Why did it work in my previous install, but not now!
I even went to the logitech site and downloaded the latest set of mouseware and I-touch in case there were any updates?
Any idea what might cause this?


I guess I should add that the PC did boot up and start no prob, just the mouse or keyboard would not do anything at all!
Did you (or the virus) play with any of your BIOS settings?

Also many Logitech (and other branded) mice - especially the I-Feel - variety must be run from a independantly powered hub, not directly from the mobo.

I found this out the hard way once before.

However, you could try using PS/2 devices and removing all HID compliant devices in device manager, then reinstall the drivers, and plug the neww stuff in again. You may have Windows confused over the old, and new HID drivers in DM.

Hope this is of some use....

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