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Logitech Mouseware and speed of mouse pointer moving...



I using mouseware 9.x in winxp (with various logitech mices), when I start any game (warcraft3, gta etc.) and close game (exit to windows) my mouse pointer is moving slower than before I have started the game, why ?
with standard winxp mouse driver all is OK....

Howling Wolf

We did not deserve this !
I recently discovered that mouse option in XP are quite the same as Logitech offers (speed, auto positioning of the cursor, and such).
In the end, I don't use Logitech's drivers anymore with my Cordless Wheel Mouse from Logiteh.
Do you really need extra options from Logitech ?

Howling Wolf

We did not deserve this !
Extra buttons ? The wheel you mean, acting as a 3rd button ?
Logitech's extra functions miss me a little, but I wonder if I really need them...
What version of mouseware are you using ? I think new ones have just been released. Try them !


Logitech mouse drivers

I've got a Logitech mouseman optical and I noticed that when I used the scroll wheel as a scroll wheel the pages would scroll extremely slow and my cpu usage would go up to 100% (Athlon-XP 1600+). I tried all the Logitech drivers I had in my inventory and nothing fixed the problem. I finally said screw it and did a format of XP pro and installed everything one at a time until the problem appeared again. It appeared after I installed invidia drivers for my TNT2 64 (Dont laugh, I know.) All versions of invidia drivers caused this problem. I just rolled my driver back to windows and it works fine. I don't do any gaming so I don't miss the benefits of the correct drivers, maybe this is your problem.

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