Logitech Mouse+XP=Help

I have a Logitech Mouseman Cordless, you know the one that comes packaged with the iTouch Keyboard. 4button jobby, normal 2, thumb button and 4th is the scroller that you can press down. My problem is that the mouse worked fine in Win98 but when I use XP only left, right and scroll works. Logitech Mousewares recognises the mouse and gives me a pretty picture of it, it also lets me define what each of the buttons do but the mouse will have none of it.
Logitech have helped alot but when they asked me to short the mouse by sticking a metal object in the battery case I gave up. Please help

Nick M

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Make sure it's charged...and drivers. New drivers help sometimes. Make sure the buttons are properly configured!

and, Welcome to NTFS. Enjoy the stay.
Have you tried it without the drivers? My logitech mouse is the one device I actually prefer to use windows drivers with. Every time I try to use logitech drivers I have problems, but without them my mouse works great so go figure.
i have the same problem.. the side buttons dont work with XP. but the "options" the mouse gives you are setup.

mine is corded, but i thought i'd let you know anyway.

Thanks for the quick response, in answer to a few questions, fully charged batteries, latest drivers and I will give it a go without the drivers and see what happens.

i dont know what happened, but all of the sudden my mouse works. the side buttons allow me to move "back" and "forward" on the internet explorer.

(but of course nobody uses IE stock anymore, its all about MyIE2.. if IE at all:) :) :) :) :) :) :confused: )
Right then, new update. The thumb key and the scroller key allow me only to move back and forward in IE. It will not allow me to keep the changes I make in mousewares. The really funny one is that the changes I make only work when the mousewares window is the active window. As soon as I click anywhere else, back to square one.


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when they asked you to short the battery terminals in the mouse, there is a good reason, even though it wont work... its to discharge the capacitor in the mouse to do a hard reset, even though i got the feeling you upgraded from 98 to xp.. if this is the case, your best bet is to backup your info and do a fresh install of XP, upgrading causes a million and 1 problems.. (so long as you upgraded ??? did you ??)


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if you press the connect button on the reciever and then just keep pressing the red reset button on the base for about 4 seconds.

This has helped me (I have the Cordless Mouseman Optical)
Current Versions
Control Center 9.76.046
Driver 9.76
Thanx GoNz0, I had a feeling that the battery thingy wiped the mouse but as an answer to your question I installed XP on a clean pc, not an upgrade. I upgraded fro 95-98 and was like opening Pandora's box so I learned not to upgrade the hard way.
Geffy, I dont have a red button, mine is grey, does it make any difference? I will try it anyway


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mine was red, or purple before I have since covered it in black marker so no as long as its the reset button it shouldnt matter :p

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