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logins and passwords



I have a simple peer to peer network with 5 workstations and 1 server. How do I change the login and password on the workstations to access files on the server. When I first set up the workstations I used the same login and password for each one and now I need to change them to control access to files.
Assuming they're all running XP, you need to change the username and password of the Windows user account you're using to login.
To do that, click Start>Run>control userpasswords2
Click Properties for the user account to change the username and password.

Hope that was what you were looking for :)


No thats changing the system password. Let me see if I can explain it further. When you open network places/ then workgroup computers/ open the server/ then try to open a file or folder it throws a login / password box up there with a check for remember password. I need to clear that login and password and change it.
Sounds like you are talking about the domain/workgroup user name and password.

That is set on the server by creating multiple login accounts (usernames). Each account will have its own password. Initially set by you then user can change the password. You could set up 4 user accounts with restricted access (good security) and they could all have the same password (bad security).

Easiest method is to set the login on the client PCs to 4 unique ones and then add those accounts on the server.

The server and 4 clients need to be on the same domain name. Windows defaults this to hoem or something liek that.

Also firewalls need to be opened and directories/printers shared to do more than just see the computer on the lan.

If all else fails use the network wizard it walks you through the steps. (pretty much)


I know how to set up logins on the server thats not the question. The question is how do you change the login and password that I used when accessing the network when I first setup the workstations. It is not the login to get into the workstation it is the one used when I tried to access the network.
if you turn on simple file sharing (tools->folder options->view tab)
then try to share a folder then a popup should come up asking if you are sure you want to do this, say yes and setup the share. You can then turn off Simple file sharing.
This method sets up whatever it is that allows anonymous share access


Well I finally got them reset, I went into the server and changed the password for the login the computers were using which kicked them all out. Then when I tried to access the server it asked for the new login and password.
Thanks for trying.


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I'm confused, add to the server the same username/password combinations as the workstations. Disable simple file sharing, the use NTFS security permissions to restrict access. You should never see a logon box in a NT enviroment if set up correctly, only access or an access-denied error.

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