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login scripts


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I am running Windows 2003 Server and I want to make a login scripts so users can use applications on theserver have access to the printer and map drives
Does anyone know how to do this plz leave a message


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i assume it's running as a DC and your computers are logging into it rather than the local machine?

just make some batch files and make them startup scripts via GP.

example (map network drive):

net use X: \\servername\sharename

as for printing...i believe there should be another policy for adding printers...i wouldn't do that in a startup script.


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You have to create a share on the server called Netlogon, within this shared directory contains batch files for the users which run the logon script processes (eg Net use n: \\ServerName\NetworkShare )

You then open the properties for each of the users you want to assign a logon script to and put the filename of the logon script batch file in the logon script box (No need for the netlogon path).

See attached.



make sure if you add 2 locations in the batch file... don't give the same dirve letter! i did that and couldn't figure out for a day on why the hell it was messed up. just some warning :)

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