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Hello. I am running XP Pro on a Win2000 Domain. When I logon to the computer, my login scripts run, but only a few of them actually appear in windows explorer. I have set the paging file to clear when I shutdown, but that still does not take care of the issue. Has anyone else had this problem and/or know how to fix it?
Here's something that I tried but ended up getting an error message.. I went into the command prompt and tried to connect a network drive by typing, net use x:\\servername\share and I get an System error 67. The network name cannot be found. What does that mean?
These are most likely two different problems or the same problem. Try this, when you don't get the logon script try pinging one of the Domain Controllers by IP, if you are succesful try pinging it by name, if both work then most likely the Domain Controller you are authenticating too does not contain the login script file, you can verify which is the DC that authenticated you by typing "set L" at a DOS prompt, then verify that server contains the login script. If you are succesful with the ping by IP but not by name verify your DNS entries or your DNS serever it self (WINS also if your using it). If pinging fails this would answer your second post, problem could be a bad network card, network cable, netwok port, or incorrect drivers, problem would be local not at the Domain level.

Hope this helps.
Pinging using forward and reverse lookup both work. I have a laptop on the network also, but that doesn't have any problems. I noticed that the login scripts start having problems after I went to the Microsoft site and downloaded updates for XP, since I had just reformatted my HD. Since I was having problems, I re-installed windows again, and now I'm going to be extra careful and watch the scripts when I install the critical updates. Has anyone ever heard of the updates screwing with the login scripts? Thanks for the info though chooch.
Ok, well after doing a clean install of XP Pro I went out to the Windows Update site and dowloaded what I wanted in steps, creating a restore point after each time I downloaded updates. And the last two updates that I downloaded appear to have been the culprit as to the login scripts disappearing from Windows explorer. They were: the update for remote assistance for people behind a firewall, and the audio update for windows messenger. Immedietely after installing these two updates, I rebooted and went into windows explorer and as I put the mouse over each mapped network drive, they disappeared. I did a restore to the last restore point and now all is well again.

Can anyone tell my why one of these or both updates would cause mapped network drives in windows explorer to disappear?

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