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Login screen. How do I change it?


I'm Beginning Somehow...
Blade195 said:
This tree login screen looks very nice.


I downloaded the file. I clicked on it and installed it, then a zipped file popped up at the end of the installation with the file "tree.exe" in it. I double clicked it, and it installed or something. But nothing happened when I restarted the computer. The same ol XP login screen. Please help. :confused:

PM... sent!! Let me know how it went..
Thanx for the file... but I got it to work before I read your message. I downloaded the Logon Loader and placed the tree.exe file into the windows/resources folder and just loaded it from there. Hmmm... I've tried your way as well, and that works as well. No difference in speed or anything tho (loading wise). Thanx again for the help beginning!

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