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Log-on Screen File...



I changed my log-on screen file to a FBI looking one. It looked awesome, the first few times I loaded it, and now my system wont load at all. I had to reinstall WINXP on a diff partition, I am thinking that that is to blame. What file is the LOG-ON Screen stored as. I used one of those appz, so it didn't tell me the file, i want to revert the old one. Thank you.
That is most likely not the problem...if something goes wrong with the file it will usually just revert to a w2k style logon (trust me, i've fuxored my logon screen plenty of times heh)

But the file is logonui.exe
Yeah, the file that contains the logon screen is "LogonUI.exe" found in Windows\System32

If you were using an early version of the Logon-loader programme then you may have had problems with it, there were a few little bugs. The easiest way to have overcome your particular problem would have been to go into DOS (using an old 98 boot floppy or something), and then copy the original LogonUI.exe (from :\WINDOWS\Resources\LogonUI\Default) to the windows system32 folder.

Hope you understood some of that, I had a little difficulty !!

ta ta



THANK YOU SOOO MUCH. ONCE AGAIN I OWE MY COMPUTER TO YOU GUYZ/GALZ FOR HELPING ME OUT!!!! It turns out it must have been a bad LOGONui file I d/l. I just deleted it, and got acess again. THANK YOU SOO MUCH!!! :D :D :D :D :cool: :cool:

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