Locked out of XP



Xp has locked me out after a week, have run program to disable wpa and have had no reminders since..I have tried safe mode gets in but nothing unusal resore doesnt fix it either, any ideas on what could have happened or how to fix.


Ya activate your copy, that fixes it everytime.

Unless its a warez version why would you not want to activate it?


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To the best of my knowledge there is no program that will disable wpa and allow XP to continue to function after the time period for activation is up. Sounds like you are going to need to reformat and reinstall.

BTW, if you are talking about a "crack" or other illegal program or an illegal copy of XP that is not allowed on this forum and you should delete your post.


Unisol He is right for a reason.

It is called legality. Lets just use our imaginations for a minute.

A microsoft employee comes to http://www.xp-erience.org/forum and sees information on how to aquire illigel copies of windows XP coperate edition. He then goes here http://www.microsoft.com/piracy/ . Well now microsoft knows and they will contact the ISP hosting xp-erience.org and tell them that copyright laws are being broken. In turn the ISP will tell waddy that he has to remove the offending material from his site or be shut down.

This does happen because I was part or a warez group and our site died for this very reason. Keep stuff like this in Private messages Unisol. Do it for everyone who likes this site.



I think more info is required to this post.... It is a legit version and I have activated it and all Im getting is the log in screen click on the user and it starts to load gets as far as desktop background the logs out back to welcome screen same with all users.


X-Peed That is a activation fault. I have a Legal version myself but i can tell you when XP first came out I didn't. The problem you are describing is a Activation fault as i have some XPerience with that type of fault. Unfortunatly there is only 2 possible things to help you.

1. Try setting your Bios Clock Back about 15 days. You might be able to get in but it is unlikly. If you do get on BACKUP Everything of value and either call microsoft for activation help (If setting the clock back works then it is defenitly activation) or format and reinstall.

2. This is the one you will more than likly have to do. It entails 2 options itself.

A. Insert you XP Disk Boot to CD. When it asks if you wish to install New or repair select install new. Then select repair a installation. (This might keep you data but it will delete the regestry enteries and most programs will have to be reinstalled.

B. Unfortuantly this may be you only option. Insert you XP Disk Boot to CD. When it asks if you wish to install New or repair select install new. Then Select a partition and Hit the D key (In otherwords delete the partition.) It has 2 confermation steps to delete the partition. Then Select the unpartitioned space and select install a new copy of windows XP.

One word of advice. Do what many others have done to protect yourself in the future. Divide your hard drive XP only needs 2gb MAX of hard drive. Partition off 2gb just for your OS then install everything else to your larger partition. This way when you have to format for whatever reason you don't lose all your data.

I Hope this helped...


Thanks mate reinstalled and contacted ms they cant give me any answer why it happened

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