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locked out of backgrounds??


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hi there,

a weird thing happened today... when i turned on my laptop i noticed my regular "bliss" desktop background has disappeared, replaced by a flat gray background.

i checked out my display options in the control panel, and i somehow appear to be locked out from my list of backgrounds.

the word "background" above the list is in white and the list of backgrounds is grayed-in. the backgrounds are all still listed there, but none of them may be clicked on. the scroll bar in the backgrounds list is also functionally "dead".

the only thing i can select and change in display options>desktop is "color", of which gray had been selected somehow.

does anyone have any ideas of what on earth could have happened here and how i can get my regular background back? i am worried this could be a virus or something but ad-aware came up empty.



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Run prompt type gpedit.msc

then find your way to User Config > Admin Templates > Control Panel > Display...you will see "Prevent Changing Wallpaper" open this if it says Enable then Disable it.

double check also by running your anti-virus and a good spyware scanner just in case you do have some nasties..


OSNN One Post Wonder

here is the latest.... i ran the kellys-korner file and performed the system check. i believe both of these ran ok, though neither gave me a "results" or "finished!" screen (should they have?)

then i ran housecall-antivirus and ad-aware again but didn't turn up anything other than the usual minor suspects.

finally i rebooted, and unfortunately the backgrounds tab is still locked up :cry:

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