Locate directory for Firefox 'block image host' list?

That is for linux. If you were to install sqlite 3 on windows a similar command would work - you'd just need to adjust paths accordingly.
google for sqlite :)

and you'll want to be looking in c:\users\<yourname>\appdata\<roaming or local>\ for the paths described in the command you found.


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i entered everything in as instructed and all i got was '...'

maybe i missed some vital steps? i really have no idea what im doing :dead:

take a look at the screenshot?


I couldn't be any clearer. Take the linux command, change the path for the example I showed you replacing your username where necessary and poke around.

I'm assuming you are an intelligent person capable of figuring things out on your own. Should I be assuming otherwise?


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lol intelligence has nothing to do with the assumption of technical savvy, but thanks for insulting me and showing your true intelligence. try not to get too personally involved with those super-fragile emotions, okay pal? it's just a technical question.
Savvy has nothing to do with it. I was kind of assuming that having pointed you in the right direction you would figure the rest out yourself, thus learning something new and remembering for similar issues you may run in to in the future.

For reference the linux path starts ~ and is seperated by / characters - I trust you can figure the rest out on your own?

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