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Living Wills - software?


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After witnessing the fiasco over Terry Schiavo, God Bless her soul, does anyone know of a good program for making a Living Will?


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What you want is a signed Advanced Directive. This will need to follow you thorugh a situation or whatever.
you will have to state that you do not want heroic measures taken , in case of catasrophic injury, or such
as well as subsistence machinery.
I don't know if there is software for this,but a hospital can advise you of your rights.


OSNN Addict
Thanks! I'll take a look at Willmaker Plus. There must be others out there, but the reviews look pretty good. I just want something simple that will not require me having to hire a lawyer.
You're better off spending the money and going to a lawyer to get your living will done cuz then you'll be assured that it'll be done right and it'll count when the time comes.

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