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Live War Media Exposure

Have you noticed that the various “live feeds” from the current televised war have ceased, except for when nothing is happening?

Panic has struck the military. It’s a shame as they are winning but backed out of their own commitments as soon as the going got a bit hectic. Frightened by their own media emplacements being compromised. This is a sign of political weakness and misunderstanding of the media process itself.

Having started of the process with great aplomb and gung-ho they now seem to be peering round the screen to see what’s happening behind. Having found nothing, don’t know what to do next. This is a sign of weakness. Let’s hope it does not continue.

Keep the pictures comming.
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The Voices Talk to Me
Yea, I have noticed that myself. There really has only been one live broadcast of fighting, and that was the one from the MEU on like last week tues/wens. I really wish they would show what fellow soliders deal with in combat. I think it would give the world public a great insite to just what it takes to be a soldier, as well as just how dangerous and sometimes devistating war really is.


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I don't think actual frontline fighting is a suitable subject for live broadcasting.

However once the action is over it is constructive to show as much of it as possible to the world - for a variety of different reasons.

Coverage is good as long as it doesn't compromise coalition forces safety.............
Methinks it's a wee bit dodgy showing troops going into a school and "safely removing munitions" dumped by fleeing Iraqi troops.....
Think about it....what would you do to those boxes of grenades if you were gonna abandon your post in the future knowing that the "enemy" is gonna come along right behind you and have a look in the boxes??? booby trap perhaps??? wouldn't put it past these cowards to do that....would you?


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These "embedded reporters" need to get their cameras and butts out of the way and let the soldiers take care of business. Yesterday, a network broadcasted a mostly unprotected convoy of humanitarian aid going through the desert. I would rather hear that aid is in progress and take their word for it than have the media show the enemy what is going on! Also, I'm afraid that constant footage of operations will desensitize us to the war in general. Even though we have seen some amazing things on TV in the past week, we have not and will not see the reality of how war affects our soldiers, the enemy, and civilians caught in the mix. Instead, we will see selected pieces that give us a false sense of what war is like.

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BBC are toning down their coverage after complaints by viewers about them showing things such as wounded soldiers and the U.S and British POW's.
Also because the mother of a British soldier saw her son on fire running out of an Iraqi building on the BBC 6.00pm news.I saw it too and it was terrible , imagine how she felt :(
Hiding all the worst aspects of war is what perpetuates the device. In the end everyone will avoid war if the truth comes out. Everyone has a mother and father and can feel even for the enemy causalities. Better to have a conversation on how to avoid war.

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