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Live search type feature for Windows?

Basically what I'd like to find is an extension for Explorer (or replacement even) that gives you a search bar and allows you to type in it to narrow down what you're viewing as you type. Much like the library features in iTunes & Winamp. I know longhorn is supposed to have a similar feature, but is there anyway to make this happen in Windows? It's cumbersome to search for a file in a huge list of stuff either by scrolling and viewing or opening the search pane and then typing all that in, waiting, etc. Any suggestions? (as an aside, doesn't OSX have this feature?)
Most of the Mac Finder clones on Aqua-Soft have this feature. NeXplorer would be the most developed version as of now, but it too has it's share of problems, so give it a try and see how you find it. I used it for a while, but I'm back to Windows Explorer now since I'm just so used to it.
Also, take a look at AppRocket. Although this isn't exactly what you want, it can be very handy for instant searches.
I wish the XP UI was more extensible... being able to have add-ons and stuff to add features you need and remove features you don't would be amazing. However, I guess we can't be so lucky since making it extensible would probably require MS to divulge more info about their OS than they'd like. Bah... I'll have to check out some of that stuff on Aqua-soft, but I dunno that anything there is going to be quite what I want. I guess I can live without.

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