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I'm just a bit confused.

Can someone tell me what significant difference there is between Windows Live Messenger and MSN Messenger in terms of functionality coz they both send messages to peers and have smilies.. blah blah blah....
Windows Live Messenger is basically MSN Messenger re-incarnated. New look, new feel, new features. The webcam/voice chat stuff has been overhauled. New file sharing stuff, ability to leave offline messages, etc. It will add inter-operability with Yahoo in the near future. I doubt they'll add that part to MSN Messenger unless Live Messenger gets delayed too long. Basically, WLM is the new improved reprogrammed from the ground up Messenger from MS.



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Techno, it works just like Windows Messenger and MSN Messenger, using your Passport (which will soon be renamed your Live ID).
If all you really do is send messages and use smilies, you won't really benefit much from Windows Live Messenger, although you might as well install it, since it's basically just a new version of MSN Messenger.

WLM does have some nifty new features though; probably the first time in a long time that they actually added useful features rather than nonsense like winks and nudges. :D Offline messaging is great, folder sharing is very convenient, and I like the UI of the latest build a lot more than the last release version of MSNM.
alls i know is that the live.com thing is really annoying for accessing hotmail... the address keeps bouncing back and forth between passport and live and login takes forever.
Grandmaster said:
Does folder sharing actually work now? :p
It was actually working all along. :D
It failed if you applied any patches (like A-Patch, for example) because the digital signature of the executable was tampered with. I don't know if that's still the case or if the patchers found a way around it.
Grandmaster said:
I remember when I tried it with you during the first beta I didn't have any patches.
I did, and I had no idea that was the cause back then. :D
Then one day, I uninstalled the patch and a whole stream of previously failed shared files starting transferring in the background! I did a search through the newsgroups and found that others had the same problem.
Bman™ said:
I just ran the a-patch on the latest version, and seems like the file sharing problem is back.
THats beause you patched it. Did you not read netriders post: :p

Use it unpatched an it should work :)

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