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Little windows

Earlier today my XP Home and IE started behaving ina strange way.

If I am browsing a site, such as this forum, and i am given a link that interests me then I click on it.

A window is opened that is about 15mm by 15mm. it does it all the time. How can I get the window to open at a reasonable size.

At the moment, with all the clutter on the screen, it is so small it is easy to miss.


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Try this:

Open Internet Explorer, and if it opens maximized, click the "Maximize/restore down" button on the titlebar and it should shrink back down to a smaller size. At that point, drag the edges of the window until the windows takes up the entire screen. Once this is done, close internet explorer. That will set the size that IE opens from then on.


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just drag your little window to the reqired size ,then when you close it down and re-open it will remember the size it was when it shut down

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