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Little Help Needed w/ VZW V3c


OSNN One Post Wonder
Hey guys,

I'm new to the whole cell phone modding and hacking scene so bear w/ me. I tried to put an mp3 ringtone on my vc3 and i got it on the phone using PST and P2K commander, it shows up on my phone and i can hear it when i play it, but when i set it to ringtone, it doesnt make a single noise when i receive a call, nor can i access the master ring, but when i change it back to another ringtone through My tunes & ring tones it lets me access the master ring screen again.Also, another biggie for me, when i sync w/ p2k, the mp3 file doesn't show up. is there something i have to do to show any hidden files? any help from some vet's would help.

Thanx in advance


Verizon Hater
The answer to the first part is in the multimedia FAQ, but basically you need to either use p2kcommander or bitpim to delete MyTonesDB.db and TmpTones.db (not sure about the second .db filename but its something resembling that) then restart your phone. you will have to reapply all ringers to their previous settings, but the ringer will play when someone calls.

As for the second Q.. I'm not sure why p2kcommander does that, but it seems to read about 75% of the actual data on the phone. I think it has something to do with the program's instability that I hear so much about. you can use bitpim (www.bitpim.org) to read the rest of the files not visible through p2k.


OSNN One Post Wonder
Thanx alot, as soon as i get home from school, im gunna give the program you mentioned a shot, either that or im just gunna gunna get MPT. i gave you some good feedback too

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