List of video codecs?

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8 Apr 2003
Anyone know the files require to play divx mov ts and such under win7 - was thinking of copying them to vista box and seeing if they would work on there :)
I thought windows 7 automatically had these ?
it does, vista doesnt - i want to copy them from windows 7 pc to vista pc ;)
Just get vista codecs. That has everything you need ..

a) i dont want quicktime or quick alternative on here
b) the mpeg decder is much better on win7
c) rather have windows files then hunting about for codec packs and stuff
d) it all just works out the box on win7 :)
vista codecs doesn't have quicktime or quicktime alternative in it. It has just the basic codecs you need to play video files back ..
cccp = old version of ffdshow, and as i have said in a differnt thread when latest version of ffdshow is installed certain files wont play.


Windows 7 has filters to allow you to play aac mkv mpeg2 mov and a lot more formats without the need for codec packs, i dont have a codec pack in on windows 7 and it plays near everything, what i want to do is to find the .ax files that windows 7 uses and copy them to vista to see if there is a perofrmance boost, as i saw with mpeg2 decoder
Good luck finding them. If you do, let me know. Maybe they will work with vista?
like I said - cccp plays most things on 7 without issue whatsoever. Stop shooting yourself in the feet.
OK lets make this as clear as i can - i'll try and speak slow

i want the win7 native codecs to test them under windows vista to see if they work

Its not about how to play a file under windows 7 as i have them playing.

so again

I want the NATIVE Windows 7 codecs so i can copy them to vista box and see if they work there
I knew what you were saying the whole time :p I have no idea where to find them. I am thinking maybe the windows 32 folder or something. Did you try a good search ?
that was for lord :) - i have a rough idea what i am looking for its just having the time atm :)

And yes system32 is where i will be looking for the .ax files - hopefully they will be named something really simple and easy :D
You should know by now that windows doesn't name anything easy ..

maybe not....then again maybe :p
the windows 7 codecs use a new presentation method not available in vista, they won't work due to missing components in vista.
as i have found out :D wondered why some files were 50% larger
If your interested in Zoom Player you can install for free and it installs all the necessary codecs for you. I use Zplayer for watching all my AVI and DivX movies. Been using it for several years. Real simple GUI. Here is a description and link.
Zoom Player

" Zoom Player is a Highly Customizable, Feature Rich Media Player and DVD Front-End. Designed to be simple at first glance while being remarkably dynamic and flexible when used to its fullest potential. Zoom Player works in two modes. A Media mode which can play any file supported by DirectShow (any file which plays in Windows Media Player) and a DVD mode which uses pre-installed DirectShow DVD filters to play DVD content. Zoom Player features include: Light-Weight and doesn't take over your system. Works with most windows operating systems from NT4 to XP and beyond. DVD Front-End navigation using any DirectShow compatible combination of DVD Decoder filters. Smart DVD bookmark system. Per-File setting, including Video Colors, Chaptering & Scene Cuts. Fully dynamically skinned (includes two minimalistic skins for less screen clatter). User Defined Context Menus and Keyboard files. Designed for control through Remote devices including Remote Control, Mouse and Keyboard. Extensive Aspect Ratio Controls. Extensive Video Positioning Support for Projection and Overscan adjustments. Video Blanking. Support for all DirectShow filters, including Subtitles and 10-Band EQ. Auto CD Playback, including DVD & Media. Advanced Timeline Navigation. Advanced STB-Style Displays and Navigators. Advanced Mouse Controls including multiple mousewheel functions. LCD Communication API. Multi-Monitor friendly. Fully controlled through the Command Line interface. Smart Control Bar interface for easy Fullscreen controls. Vastly customizable, nearly every aspect of the player can be changed. Support for Advanced video codecs (DivX/XviD/MPEG4). Support for the OGM/OGG format, including Chaptering, Multiple Audio and Subtitle tracks. Fast Forward & Rewind with all formats as long as your CPU can handle the load. And many more! "

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