linux stop holding our kids back

Regarding my comment about Linux holding out children back, thats only Linux. Other perfectly suitable Open Source OS's exist, FreeBSD, OpenSolaris to name but two. I'd never wish Windows on anybody. Linux is like the Windows of the Open Source OS world*.

and bsd doesnt hold them back?
No, the GPL and Linux are horrible infections. I absolutely hate software developers that develop on Linux and then expect that their software will run without issues on other open source software because all utilities must have the same flags as theirs do.

It is this concept that causes many issues. Every so often someone on the FreeBSD mailing list will want to add yet another new flag to a standard tool to make it "Linux" compatible just so that some shell script will run, when instead perfectly good standard tools exist that will already do the job.

Linuxisms are the bane of my existence. They cause more issues than it solves, and it is just an all around mess.
i have never had an issue with a linux shell script or anything else on bsd - install bash - make a symlink job done, if bsd had more hardware support it might be viable, but it dosent.

And its ubuntu that is the ms of the open source word, not all linux variants
That is Carpo, because you are not a system administrator that has to deal with real world issues. You get to play and if something does not work you get to come on here, and ask us yet again what distro you should play with. When you have to deal with the most random pieces of software, or port software that was written for one OS to run on another you find these issues rather quickly. Since it is in Linux it must be supported everywhere else.

And trying to get patches back in the upstream so that it makes it easier to use on BSD does not seem to go over well.
So i shouldn't come on here and ask questions ? I shouldn't try and better myself by trying to learn, and yes i have tried most distros to see what the differences are and how they are set up, if i was just tied to using one distro then i might as well just stick to windows.

I don't have the time now to test every 64bit version of a dirsto, or to test a multilib or pure 64bit environment, that is why i have asked here which distro
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I should probably point out that Linux has really pissed me off this week so while I never have anything good to say about it I am slightly more full of bile at the moment. Still shocks me how bad Linux is when BSD and Solaris are so good, come on they should be able to learn something here.
linux has far too many people in it the dev and only care about what they think, bsd doesn't suffer from this as they think about the project as a whole and not just their little part

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