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Okey, I'm not really sure if this should be here or not but it does envole Linux and networking so I'll just keep it in here... if you believe this should be somewhere else, then can a mod or admin move it to the correct section?

Anyways, on to what I'm about to say... I search around and all I found was information on making a gaming server or a web server or something else that's not what I'm looking for... What I AM looking for is a server for my network where the server holds the user accounts and permissions along with whatever theme they're using. What I want it to do is this.

The internet connection is connected directy into the server in which it goes back out thru another card into the router in which connects to the other systems. I want the serveer to be running Linux, all the other systems well be running Windows XP (Home and Pro). I want it set up so that they can type in a username (and password if one is set up) would pull the user information from the server.

The server would be like a gateway also, so it's extra protected for the network. I also want wireless networking set up (since my currect router (which I'm planning on using) has built in wireless support).

So my question is, what's the best way of going about doing this?? I think I know how to go about setting up the gateway, getting 2 NICs (one for the internet coming in and the other is for connecting to the router), but what else do I need to do?? And how am I so'pose to get this all to work with Linux and all??

Any suggestion and tips would be helpful, thanks.


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Do a google search for "samba primary domain controller" That should lead you to some articles that do what your're looking for.
I wouldn't put Internet - Server - Router - LAN since that puts the server outside the (secure) LAN. You wan the NAT router as far out as possible. Plus there will be problems if the server needs to contact or poll the clients. It would be better to do Internet - Router - Server - LAN or Internet - Router - Server/LAN (Server and LAN in parallel, not serial).

The wireless LAN is also a security risk, so be sure to configure that correctly if you want a secure network.

I've never used Samba as a domain controller, but I'd like to. So if you have any success in making this work, please report back with your experience.

Good luck!

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