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Linux Installation Problems, Assistance Needed

Allright, so what's the deal!? :mad:

I put in my Mandrake 9.0 CD, select boot from CD, then the Mandrake Screen comes up, asking to install, or other options. I prett enter to install, and the screen goes blank, and the caps + scroll lock buttons on my keyboard flash...and that's about it.
Mandrake 8.0 does the same thing; which is funny because both CDs booted my my 333mhz pentium 2 system. Red Hat goes to install screen fine and everything; but I want Mandrake, not Red Hat. :eek:

Any idea's why this is going on?

PS. My specs

AMD XP 1900
Gigabyte Ga-7VRXP
1024 MB PC 2700 DDR RAM
Sound Blaster Live 5.1
Geforce 4 TI4400
DVD- CDRW drive.


I may actually be insane.
Try reading through the readme for variables that can be passed on boot, some machines/setup's require special parameters instead of simply pressing enter at the "Boot: " screen

At a guess i'd say its the graphical install, try installing in text mode.


I may actually be insane.
try pre-creating a partition from within windows with partition magic (the trial/demo should sort you for that) then you can simply select to install within the existing partition, creating partitions is a lot harder without the GUI i agree.


I may actually be insane.
once you've created the empty space in Partition Magic, once your at the point of partitioning in Mandrake you should be able to basically tell it "Dump the o/s in this space", just in more technical terms :)
I figured that much; I tried it, but it didn't quite work this time ( THX for all your help Speedy ) I'll try again tommorow. What really bugs me though, is to exactly why the os set up wont run in graphics mode...


I may actually be insane.
What GFX card you using?
Sometimes this can be the problem, altho you did say RedHat managed to boot a gui install. Linux is very picky when it comes to hardware.
My first linux experience was RedHat 7.0 which didn't support GeForce 2's (they later implemented support into 7.1 about a week later ... gits) so I literally spent ALL day fiddling about with it to only to amount to a 320x240 black and white display, but of course, I was happy with this :)

The problem here tho is I'm not entirely sure what the Mandrake installer GUI is based on, so I'm not sure how to pin point your problem, as its not like you can install a driver preceding the install, but if you manage to get through the text install ok, everything should be fine.

It's just getting there thats the problem, gotta love linux :D
:) nVidia Geforce Ti 4400.

Red hat does graphical install, but mandrake doenst :)
I'll partition tommorow, try to install mandrake, and post back here if it works ( or doenst )


I may actually be insane.
well, the Ti 4400 Doesn't appear to be in Mandrakes supported hardware list, they don't even mention it in the "known hardware" list (listing of hardware that mite work or they KNOW doesn't)
Video card
Manufacturer Model Status Distribution
NVIDIA GeForce 2 Pro Mandrake 9.0
NVIDIA GeForce 256 Mandrake 9.0
NVIDIA GeForce 3 Mandrake 9.0
NVIDIA GeForce2 Go Mandrake 9.0
NVIDIA GeForce2 Go 100 Mandrake 9.0
NVIDIA GeForce2 Go 200 Mandrake 9.0
NVIDIA GeForce2 GTS Mandrake 9.0
NVIDIA GeForce2 MX Mandrake 9.0
NVIDIA GeForce2 MX 200 Mandrake 9.0
NVIDIA GeForce2 MX 400 Mandrake 9.0
NVIDIA GeForce2 Ti Mandrake 9.0
NVIDIA GeForce2 Ultra Mandrake 9.0
NVIDIA GeForce3 Ti 200 Mandrake 9.0
NVIDIA GeForce3 Ti 500 Mandrake 9.0
NVIDIA Quadro Mandrake 9.0
NVIDIA Quadro2 MXR Mandrake 9.0
NVIDIA Quadro2 Pro Mandrake 9.0
NVIDIA Riva 128ZX 8MB AGP Mandrake 9.0
NVIDIA TNT Mandrake 9.0
NVIDIA TNT2 Mandrake 9.0
NVIDIA TNT2 Pro Mandrake 9.0
But having said that, I've just checked RedHat.com too, and they don't mention it either.

Obviously this doesn't mean it theres a 100% chance it won't work, like my GeForce 2 and RedHat 7.0, anythings possible.
It just seems odd that neither mention the card, yet it only works on the one o/s.


I may actually be insane.
Possibly, I really couldn't say.
Chances are if it's not supported by the installer it won't boot into gui post-installation.
Having said that, there's always a chance it will ^_^

The nVidia site only seems to provide linux drivers for Mandrake 8.0, so either they seem to think it'll work with Mandrake 9.0 or they're just inept :D
I think your best bet for the moment is to go through with the
text install and see what comes of it in the end.


I may actually be insane.
no problem.
Just be sure to let me know how you get on, I always like to hear of people trying alternative operating systems.
Wah. hahahaha. ha.haha
::slams desk:::

Ok, so I do a partition with Partition Magic, it's ok, then then I try to install Mandrake in text mode...and it just freezes at a certain point, then, I turn my pc off, and the system is unbootable. Woo!

So I erase everything, install windows Xp again, leaving about 10 gig uppartitioned space...oh my. Now what :) ? I'm gonna try to install linux....again :)
Try checking your BIOS and turn off "plug and play" recognition for the OS. This allows the BIOS to allocate hardware interrupts. Also turn off any shadowing of the Video Bios. Apparently having these two options enabled can cause problems when installing Mandrake.



Ah. Not supported. I assume that hopefully this is just for the setup, or will my installed Linux appear in text mode too
nvidia cards are setup the same. just install the latest one & once nvidia writes a new kernel & driver for the ti 4400 on mandrake then you can install and reconfigure the (what is it ?) XF86Config4 file, till then your vidcard wont have all of the accelleration thats packed into that card :( but it should work


Ok, so I do a partition with Partition Magic, it's ok, then then I try to install Mandrake in text mode...and it just freezes at a certain point
yea dont try to use part7 to partition the space, as they dont have all of the linux fat types implemented in their system. they dont even have the ext3 fat under rh7.2. ext2 is the latest they have

my suggestion is to use the fdisk provided in the installer to set up the disk partition & all.

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