Linsys wireless networking problems



Hi all,

I currently have a router and hub working fine at home with all machines (2 XP machines and 1 Win98 machine). But now I'm trying to switch to the Linksys wireless router with 4 port switch so that I can hook up another XP machine which is on another floor via wireless. The 3 orginal computers I want to keep connected via the ethernet ports in the back of the wireless router.

The problem is, I can't get file sharing and internet access working on the computers with the router (I ahven't even tried to get the remote computer up; I'm still trying to get the wired computers connected). I spent a while with Linksys tech support, but the guy was clueless. He blamed my problems on XP and hung up. I was able to ping websites, and I even get AOL instant messenger working, but I couldn't use the internet or share files. I tried the ipconfig /release and /renew thing, and also tried slowing the access down to 10Mbps from 100Mbps. Still won't work.

Has anyone encountered this problem and found a way to fix it?

I'm a newbie, so please bear with me!

Thanks in advance for any advice.



I'm no expert either but I'm learning. I have a netgear DSL/cable 4 port router/switch. Very similar to your Linksys router. I use the router with DHCP on and NAT addressing and a single IP with the ISP.

I have two PCs connected, one wired, one wireless. I haven't tried file sharing between the PCs yet but they both use the internet together just fine.

Are you using the router with DHCP server turned on or are you manually setting IPs in the NICs?

Is your ISP connection via a single IP addresss ? I mean are you using the NAT routing of the router - which you should use.

You should not need to reduce your ethernet speeds.

As a fall back you could use your old router for the wired PCs and just connect it to the wireless router. But its best to sort the new router and get it all working.



I am running DHCP, I think... :) I have everything being automatically determined. My ISP only gives me one IP address. I'll keep messing with it. Maybe I'll see how it works with non-XP machines.



Set the router to work as a DHCP server. It will have the default inward facing IP . The router WAN port address is the IP address given by your ISP - check it has received one.

Set the PC TCP/IP properties to obtain IP address and DNS automatically. When you power up the PCs (or just disable and then enable the NIC) the router will allocate IPs to your NICs as, etc with default gateway of the router IP Everything will have subnet as default.

One thing that can prevent you getting on the web is that the router may not get the ISP DNS addresses. You should be able to enter them in the router DNS table. The values depend on your ISP. Also check IE tools\options\connections is set to never dial.

The best site to help you with all this stuff is:

I believe the most common reason for not being able to share XP PCs is if the XP firewall is on and/or you need to enable Netbios.

All this applies equally to your wireless card - with a few more tricks.

Good luck.

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