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Linksys router problem


Was LadySunshine
Ok, my father decided that he wanted to tap into my cable modem and got this Linksys router. Needless to say it works ok until one day it just is void of all memory and I have to go into the firmware and fix it all. :mad:

SO... now certain programs wont work... my Serv-U (ftp program) wont show the list of stuff in the server when anyone is connected. It'll let them connect and that's it. Then it'll "time out"... and disconnect them.

mIRC...same thing... they can type something and my fserver will pick it up but wont show them the directory listing... then it'll time out. Can someone please tell me what I'm doing wrong? :(

Thank you!!!!


OSNN Addict
Yeah, you need to forward ports to get DCC send/chat initialisation to work. As far as Serv-U, most FTP servers either have to be tweaked like crazy -- or just plain won't work -- when using NAT. Your clients will almost certainly have to use passive FTP to connect to you.

Here's a good FAQ that should answer all of your questions: http://www.dslreports.com/faq/linksys

Head over to http://linksysftp.dyndns.org for a good source of info on configuring FTP servers for your Linky.


troubles be gone

thats too easy.......... you can port map if you wish like the others said, however passive is wrong...passive wont work especially if the other users are behind a firewall (especially the same one you have, I dont understand why)...........and some cable connections like @home wont work just cause the isp dont let port 21 go through.....

now, I'm assuming your somewhat an experienced user to have installed an having working servU :p here's what to do

1) have users not use passive (cuteftp) if still trouble have them delete the saved login profile and create new.....

2) you have the option to (advanced settings orange tab in linksys settings) dmz or place your computer outside the linksys router/firewall by doing this your totally exposed outside and can be scanned as before showing open ports......I again assume you have firewall software such as BlackIce/NetworkIce, zone alarm? (interesting site to lock xp ports would be "www.grc.com") called : socketlock ?read some info there ............

3) resort to port mapping like other say, wont repair all your issues but helpful.

p.s. try moving your ftp port up to 26000 faking as a quake server stops most ISP's from knowing your even running a ftp server :p I move 60gb a month through my 1.5mb connection....this saves your ftp from being hammered by traders that scan for pubs with anonymous entry's
another note: for blackice only watch firewall program settings to allow some inbound traffic.........no network neighborhood no internet file sharing cause you probably have share's on your hard drives with your father also, enable auto-blocking :) :)


LadySunshine: First you want to find out the LAN ip of your ftp server(192.168.1.?). Then go into you Linksys and forward ports 20, 21 and 22 since FTP servers will use multiple ports for sending and recieving. Also putthe ftp servers ip in the dmz. Be sure to also use a firewall such as Zonealarm or Tiny Personnal Firewall (I use that one) and permit the programs needed for have access to the net. Also in Serv-U make sure the server is listening with the correct IP address (the local machines IP) I hope this helps.
To share files and folders between computers is a whole different ball game, but I advise you if you arent already, make sure your drives are NTFS for security reasons.

Blacksmith you are lost.
I have a Linksys and I have cable access and I run Serv-U ftp server. @ Home is gone fisrt of all. I nor anyone mentions blocking port 21 from any cable service. I forward ports 19 to 22 both tcp and udp to my ftp server. I also have 3 computers connected and see each other. The DMZ does expose you to the rest of the net but if you run a firewall you will be fine. As far as ppl scanning for anonymous ftp's and or open ports you just need not to allow anonymous access. Its not a good idea since most cable access companys will scan for anonymous access not just for an ftp server.



OSNN Addict
You're half-right, Blacksmith. Passive FTP will work through NAT on port 21, and folks behind a router/gateway/firewall should be able to connect just fine. The problem lies when you try to serve from non-standard ports, which will require using PORT mode, which many folks behind a router can't connect to on those ports.

DMZ is a solution for some people, but not all. In that case, the inbound filtering built-into XP should do just fine, and a software SPI outbound firewall is overkill. Don't believe everything Steve Gibson tells you.


Was LadySunshine
hey guys... ok, you guys are on the right track for me, but its also mIRC having a problem. the server that runs off of that will not work. if someone types a "trigger" my server should pop up and it wont even see that.

BTW its for my router.

does anyone have either AIM, Yahoo Messenger or ICQ? if so, lemme know... and I can talk to someone that way... maybe someone can help me get this thing working...

would prefer someone who has a linksys and as far as an ISP, I'm on a cable modem hosted by Road Runner. :)


OSNN Addict
Here's a good guide. This isn't exactly how mine's set up (I use simple forwarding as opposed to triggering), but it should likely work better for you.


Set your PC to a static IP address within the subnet on your LAN (most likley 192.168.1.XXX).

Disable DHCP on the Linky's LAN side (you probably still need to use DHCP to get an IP address for the WAN side, though).

Forward 10 or so ports higher than 1024 from the WAN to your PC's IP address. (e.g. 5050 - 5059). If you use more than one PC with mIRC, you must select different ranges for each. (I use the "tens" digit in the port range to determine the internal host. gets 505X, gets 506X, etc.).

In port triggering, add a line with "mIRC" as the application name, 6660-7000 as the triggering range, and 113 as the incoming range. This one is tricky because IRC servers run on a wide range of ports, 6667 is the "standard" port, but I've seen them from 6660 to 7000. This allows the IRC server to "validate" you as who you say you are. Most servers will deny access if you do not have identd enabled.

In mIRC select File/Options/Connect.

Clear out the host name box, if there's anything there.

Clear out the IP Address box, if there's anything there.

Check "Host Name" (IP Address checkbox should grey out).

Select "Server" for "Lookup Method"

Somewhere in "Connect" (either it's level or below) is an option to enable IDENTD. You need to enable this.

Select DCC from Options tree and expand it (click on "+").

Select Options.

Put the port range you forwarded from the Linky into the two text boxes for DCC Start and DCC End. (e.g. DCC Start would be 5050, DCC End would be 5059, if you used the example ports above). 10 ports should be more than adequate.

Click "Ok"

Close mIRC.

Restart mIRC.


Note that if you have ten ports set up as shown in that guide, you'll only have ten slots shared between both DCC send (in this case, your fserv slots) and DCC chat (which is why the fserv currently times out on your users -- initiating a chat connection is basically a DCC send query anyway).

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