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Linksy Router and Sygate Pro5


Overclocked Like A Mother
Hi guys,

I am the proud owner of a new linksys BEFSR41 router. My question is this:

How do I configure my sygate firewall so that I able to access my files through "My Network Places". I can access them when I have the Sygate uninstalled, but when I re-install it, I cannot access my files. I read somewhere that sygate can be configured but I cannot locate where I saw this.

Thanks in advance

Go to Tools, Advanced Rules.
Then click the Add button.
In the General tab, set "Action" to Allow traffic.
In the Hosts tab, select the radio button next to IP addresses, and enter the range of IP's that are in your LAN (for example,

Your rule summary should look something like this:
"This rule will allow both incoming and outgoing traffic from/to IP address(es) xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx-xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx on all ports and protocols. This rule will be applied to [Network card name]"

Hope that helps :)


Overclocked Like A Mother
Sorry netryder, that didn't help.

I disabled the XP firewall, enabled the Sygate file share and printer share in "Options" as well to no avail. Sygate will not let me use IE when installed as well as file share. Anything else I can do? Uninstalling Sygate will permit me to do everything.

Should I move onto another software firewall? I really don't want to, I just bought this one 5 months ago.

Wow...that's pretty strange. I'm using Sygate 5.0 (not the Pro version) along with a D-Link router, and Sygate is configured exactly as I told you.
File sharing over the network seems fine.



Overclocked Like A Mother
I have reboot several times now, to no effect. Is there suppose to be a check mark beside the N/A on the advanced rules list? Should I do something to the computer that has the files, it is running the same firewall.



Overclocked Like A Mother
But it is the fact that it won't let me even connect onto the internet when enabled, let alone fileshare. Even default install on my files computer, sygate will allow me to connect. I find that strange.



Overclocked Like A Mother
Think it might be a disabled service on that computer? I am going through the services, cannot seem to find one would be the culprit. Could it be?



try this ... right click the icon in the task bar for sygate > left click on options > click the Network Neighborhood tab make sure you have a check in Allow to browse Network Neighborhood files and printers... see if that helps.


Overclocked Like A Mother
I do have those checked off, PK. Thanks for the help.

I have those checked on both machines. It just seems strange that it won't even let me get on the net when installed on this machine. Everything seems okay on the files machine, everything seems to be working there. When I uninstall sygate on this machine then I can get on net and fileshare with the files machine. Oh well.


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