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Lindows: Good Or Bad

I have used Linux for many years now, and am happily dual booting XP with Mandrake 9.0. When Lindows offered itself to me, I thought that this would be the ideal situation (windows/linux!?!) but boy.........was I pi**ed off! It is a bitc* to install, runs like a slug and allows so few applications to run on it (linux and windows) that it made itself redundant before I had even started!!!

Ohhhhhhh....another coffee mat

TOK:mad: :mad: :mad: :p :p :p


I tried Lindows once....uninstalled it about 2 hrs later. Seemed alright but XP Rules in my books :D


the idea behind Lindows is kinda like the idea behind the elcamino. not quite a car, not quite a truck, but the worst of both worlds...........
stick with a REAL linux distro or windows. lets not mix fire and water.

thats my $0.02 worth


Ok thanks for the opinions, sorry Speedy B, I posted in the wrong forum, and I think after hearing all these opinions, I will stay with XP Pro !


I have been using slackware linux, and I had used Debian/GNU.. I heard Lindows OS 2.0 was based off of the Debian flavor, and I needed a good OS for Linux games, and some win32 compatibility.. Well.. let's just say that Lindows OS got all up and all over my wang, and I hate it.. and the whole Click-N-Run subscription thing sucks too.. I wouldn't pay a penny for such a lame OS from such a lame company.. And now Walmart is selling Lindows OS PCs?!?! That is a load of crap. I can do more with a freaking macitosh from like 1987 for crying outload. The only thing I have in favor of Lindows is that it is nice to learn some of the very bare basics of linux.. I am back on Mandrake 8.2 for now though... So much for "Lindows."


I tried the latest version of lindows. It ran very well on my Duron 900 system (didn't dare put it on the real puter!). I didn't see anything obviously wrong with it, but it just didn't feel right. I guess it was because I am more used to Suse and Red Hat. If you are a beginner and want to buy one of those walmart PCs, I suggest maybe Mandrake or lycoris instead. If you have a good system that you want to put linux on, definately get something better than Lindows. Lindows is an excellent idea. Kinda like a gateway drug that moves you on to a better distro. :) Maybe future versions will be better.

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