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Limit User Accounts

I am looking for a program that will allow me to severely limit a user's account. (block everything but MS Office, including the internet).

Can someone point me in the right direction?



Blame me for the RAZR's
lol i was asnwering your question but you left

Cant you just install office for only that user. I rem doing it for it awhile back.
heh, sorry about that....

If I create a limited user accounts, they still have access to program files etc. I need everything locked down, except office.


Blame me for the RAZR's
you can disable internet using one of these
One way to remove the ability to browse with IE is to use XP's set program access and defaults utility.

1. Click on the Start button
2. Click on set program access and defaults
3. Select the Custom pull down list
4. Deselect the enable access to this program checkbox for Internet Explorer
5. Click ok

The second way is to add a bogus proxy server to IE's Internet Settings. Follow these steps:

1. In IE, go to Tools>>Internet Options.
2. On the Connections tab, click the LAN Settings button.
3. In the resulting dialog box, select the following check box in the Proxy Server section: Use a Proxy Server For Your LAN (These Settings Will Not Apply To Dial-up Or VPN Connections).
4. Enter in the Address text box.
5. Enter 80 in the Port text box, and click OK.
It does need to be fairly secure....something that an above average user can't figure out.

I was kinda hoping there was some freeware program to simplify things, as at some point these privileges will be restored....


Blame me for the RAZR's
doing a basic google search may be benifical then.

i did a quick one that does what you want but its not free


plus i dont vouch for it.

As for that changing proxy thing with the implemtation of a patch that locks the proxys it is very secure. We use that to keep the shop union guys from messing around on the internet. While letting them access our own intranet.

This one apears to be free of a charge.
but like i said for the other one i dont vouch for it being spyware free or the quality of the program.

Can i ask what this is for? may help in a solution.

And you could also do this.
Start/Control panel/ Admin tools Locla security Polices

then try making some software restrictions for the user.
you can use group policies to lock down most of windows administrative functions.

However you would then need a 3rd aprty app to prevent access to most other activities.


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User policies in XP can limit quite a bit, but you would probably need Windows Server to do everything you want to do without needing a 3rd-party app.

If you are doing this for fairly novice users, then removing shortcuts and Run from the Start Menu, and hiding My Computer and My Documents will probably be enough. The only icons you would want on the desktop are the Trash and Office icons. If IE isn't available in the Start Menu or desktop, then the user shouldn't be able to access it. If they happen to, you can add an extra measure of security by setting a false proxy server as Venom already mentioned.
Question: If I enable a restriction in the Group Policy manager, is there a way so that that it only affects a certain user, and not the whole computer? Thanks.


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Yep, local policy not group policy. Then again you could assign that specific user to one specific group and apply a group policy that way... making other users a part of another group with more freedom.

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