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16 Aug 2003
I'm having some issues with my friends laptop he just got. He asked me to fix his limewire because it keeps telling him he is behind a firewall and wont connect or download anything. He is directly connected to his cable modem so he doesn't go through any routers. I don't know much about windows vista so I'm having a hard time finding my way around his computer. At first I thought it was the macafe anti virus that comes with the system so i disabled the firewall with that but no luck. I then disabled the windows firewall as well to see if maybe it was that causing the issue still no luck. Those are the only two security programs on his laptop so I cant figure out where else limewire would think there is a firewall. I'm starting to think that windows vista and limewire aren't compatable but I haven't heard anything about it. Windows vista I noticed had a lot of idiot proof features that wouldn't let me do to much until I turned off the defender thing is it possible that vista just wont allow me to completely turn off the firewall?
Well it might be his cable connection. When we connected it to my dsl he was able to log on and it didn't detect a firewall.

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