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lib32 files on x64

Dark Atheist

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did a bit of googling on this some say you dont have to have them installed while others say you do, i thought if you had the x64 version everything wouldbe compiled as 64 bit - have installed them anyway was wondering what peoples thoughts on them were
It frequently does ;)

If you are installing everything through packages then you are usually pretty safe, when you come to compiling from source you can hit some issues, not least because Linux puts 32bit libraries in /lib directories and the native 64bit architecture libraries in /lib64 directories.

You often have to do some magic to get a source compiled application to use the proper 64bit libraries as by default it will only look in /lib directories. This is completely illogical to me and I've bitched about it before. Imo the 64bit libraries should be in /lib directories and the 32bit non-native libraries should be in /lib32 directories so that when compiling from source the proper 64bit libraries will be found by default.

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