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4 Dec 2001
I picked up this phone yesterday (after not having a cell for probably 3-4 years), it took some research but I managed to get custom ringtones working via Computer > USB > Phone.

I'm basically posting this information for future reference in case anyone is looking for help:

Posted by: stealthbear

I figured it out, I can make any .mp3 file from my computer a ringtone on my Bell LG VX8700 via the data cable and using BitPim.

Tested on: Windows XP SP2


1: Install LG VX8700 Driver, can be downloaded from http://rapidshare.com/files/30447632/Drivers.zip.html
Site Link: http://www.humpa.com/vzw/
*Note: Just run the setup.exe that you extract to install the drivers.

2: Download and Install BitPim
*Note: The LG drivers are required for BitPim to detect your phone
*Note: Your phone should NOT be in USB Mass Storage Mode when using BitPim
*Note: I had to close down and re-open BitPim twice, before my phone was actually detected after installing the drivers, this might have just been my machine

3: BitPim will now automatically detect your phone, but will have the wrong model number, change this by clicking the configuration button and select VX8700

4: Select View --> Filesystem in BitPim, then Filesystem will appear on the left pane, click it and then select the + next to the root folder

5: You should now have full access to your phones system files, browse to /brew/mod/10889/ringtones

6: Right click in the right pane for this directory, select add file, and add your .mp3 file

7: Click the send data to phone button in the top left

8: FINALLY reboot your phone and your newly added mp3 file will be available under Ringtones!

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