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Nick over at Lexun has created a new browser. Haven't tried it as yet. You need .net framework installed to use it. Here is the description of it. Go to the freeware section to download it.

If you try it leave some feed back here. :)


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just downloaded and am using right now. so far it seems pretty nice. interesting design, though i don't think there's a progress bar or any sign of internet activity whatsoever with it, so you wouldn't know if the page was still loading or not.

Edit: just found the progress bar... which is what is causing the browser to be kinda sluggish. i don't like it very much. design is nice, but just seems slow, like sometimes the page seems like it's done loading, then my cursor says the window is busy for like 2-3 seconds, then it says the site is loaded.


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I would download it but i am at school. Don't really like the design. Well try to download it sometime soon.

Hipster Doofus

Good grief Charlie Brown
Hey ElementalDragon where's that progress bar? Haven't found it yet.

As for the browser I tried going to microsoft update & it worked no problems.

Only been using it for a few minutes but am going to give it a good work out. :D


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any news on security or anything...is it a shell or just straight up stand alone browser...so far I like it though

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