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Lexmark - Crazy or What!


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I can buy a Lexmark printer for £25. However, if I buy one black and one colour cartridge for it, the cost would be almost £50. Anyone buying a printer really should take great care, and find out the cost of cartridges, before making the purchase.

I am pleased to say I am still running my Epson 460, and can get cartridges for next to nothing. I have just ordered 2 Black cartidges for the total sum of £5.49!

Shamus MacNoob

Political User
LOL I agree I see cartridges for my epson stylus on E Bay for like 2$ 3$ ... before buying a printer people need to look for cheap ink cartridges first.
which is why i always recommend epson printers :D

the prices some of these HP, Lexmark and Olivetti cartridges are sold for is just robbery :/
i tried using one of them once... got ink EVERYWHERE :mad:

keeping to the compatibles for epson nowadays - sometimes as cheap as £2.50 each \o/


I recently bought a new printer(epson) as it was cheaper than buying a new black and color ink catrige for my old HP:eek:
now I can get ink alot cheaper:happy:


OSNN Senior Addict
I was speaking to a cartridge supplier today, and she said she always recommends either the Epson or the Canon printers because of the availability of cheaper cartridges.

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