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Legendary PSP hacker, Dark_AleX, leaves scene

I'm not sure if anyone here are PSP owners/fans but Dark_AleX is leaving the PSP scene due to fear of legal action. He has made many developments for the scene such as creating downgraders, homebrew launchers, and most importantly of all custom firmwares. He has hacked Sony's firmwares to run homebrew natively and has even added his own features. Needless to say he will be deeply missed. Here is what he has to say from his official website.

Bye, scene.

I've decided to cease OE development, and leave PSP scene.
The reasons are various.
One of them is the time it consumes, which i'm losing from other things.
The other is related to my security. I didn't like Sony menaces to PS3 hackers.
I think it is better to leave now rather than end paying the consequences.


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