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Leaving for Florida...


Was LadySunshine
I have an aunt in Florida that has been very sick for three weeks. My parents drove down there three weeks ago and haven't left yet. Well my aunt took a turn for the worse yesterday and I got a call from my parents saying that if I wanted to come down to Florida, maybe I should. so in a few hours I will be getting on an emergency flight to Florida and I'm a nervous wreck. I don't usually do well on planes but now its even worse with 50% of them dropping out of the sky constantly...

I don't know how long I'll be down there or even when I'm coming home but I hope its not too long. :(

I'm going to miss my dog and my cat :(
My Pets

Those are my creatures... they are split up right now. My dog is actually at my boss's house and my cat is at my best friend's house...and I can't sleep. Its 4:25am and I'm usually out cold right now and instead I'm sitting here with a headache wide awake. Nervous.

Well I guess I just really needed to vent a little bit, and I doubt anyone will read this... but I feel a little better just knowing I wrote it out.

See ya all around soon I hope. :(


Was LadySunshine
BTW, my name sort of implies that I live in Florida, I don't. I live in New York...another reason I'm nervous about getting on a plane around here.
I'm sorry to hear about you Aunt LadySunshine. Have a safe trip and we'll keep your seat warm for you. My prayers are with you and your family in this difficult time.

Cute pets btw... I can see why you miss them :) .


Was LadySunshine
Thanks Loman... I'm more worried about my dog, she's never been without me before and she's almost three years old... she looked nervous as I walked out the door without her. :(


Was LadySunshine
OK, talked to my boss who has my dog and said she is doing JUST fine... she slept on the bed with her and her husband last night and that she was nice and cheery all morning. lol...

I feel a little better now.


Was LadySunshine
Update for all of you. I just got home from Florida. My aunt passed away. I wound up having to fly down there two days before she died. I also had to drive back here with my parent's car. What a hike. I hope that I never have to do that again.

Anyway, the funeral is Thursday and things are crazy around here....

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