LeadTek and Chaintech

leadtek is one of the leading manufacturers on the planet for video cards.

Chaintek... not heard of them so they must be a budget brand or not very active in europe


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i know what you're saying lordofla, but if i used your theory, then american cars would be great!


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actually Chaintech is a very decent component manufacturer and are no worse then any other company that you would buy from.
What's wrong with American cars.....? I wouldn't say all of them are bad. Only most of them are. :) I own a 2000 Grand Prix GTP, and have only had 1 thing go bad which was the stereo's CD player which I was happy went so I could get one of the JVC touchscreen MP3 player sets.

But seriously, both are good companies. I think it mostly depends on the model card you are getting.


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yea leadtek is one of the leading manufactures out there. well i do have a video card by them so i might be a bit bias. oh and also the leadtek tvtuner. but all my decisions before bying are after reviews and also overall benefits to other cards.

chaintek is an alright brand imho. i mean if leadtek was tier 1, then i would say chaintek is mid 2-3? well its better then www.iwill.net... =./


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thanks for the help, i'm buying the v/card for someone else a 5700le, so i want to make sure its a good enough card. that will last at least 1 1/2 yrs


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I have a ti4600 and a 5950 from Leadtek, and I love them both. They work great!!! As a side note my 5950 is running 500Mhz GPU, and 1000Mhz Memory(DDR, 500x2 of course).


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I have a leadtek vid capture card and a chaintek KT600 MB. Neither has given me any trouble. The vid card capture quality is dissappointing though. I also have an ECS MB that doesn't read voltage or Mb temp correctly but overclocks great.

Bottom line. Any part you buy is a crap shot. You get a good one, it works good. You get a lemon, you are screwed. The difference is in how well you are supported with the warantee and what features you get for the price.

Since you loose use of your PC for 2-12 weeks for a warantee replacement my policy for the last year has been to buy the cheapest øøøø I can find locally, return it if it has any problems out of the box, if it breaks after the return date throw it away and get a new one.

I have been a much more satisfied customer now than when I was buying "top of the line stuff" previously.

BTW You do realize that part numbers ending in se and le stand for substandard edition and losers edition right? They are neutered and lobotomized from the factory.


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yeah your right, but i don't want to spend more than $100, so if you have any other suggestions, needs to be 128mb and 128bit

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