Leadtek 6800GT for $289


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at 299 now.... I wonder if this would be a good replacment for my 9700 pro. But i still have the Xp 2700 procc.. hmmm.


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Roflmao. The cooler on that thing takes up 3 slots.

The 6800GT is a major improvement over the 9700/9800 PRO series. But I'll wait until it hits $200 later this year.


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You positive it just takes up the adjacent one. That thing is humongous compared to other coolers.

Let us know if the size makes it any quieter. I'd sacrifice a virgin slot any day for quiet...
Well, mine will be arriving on the 19th. It's replacing an Ati Radeon 9800 Pro AIW card in my server. But I may end up switching it out to replace my X800Pro --> X800XT-PE card.
Ok, I got the card in and it only takes up the PCI slot next to the AGP. It's a big heatsink and the card is so much longer then the X800Pro card I had in there. I'm looking into overclocking the card right now. Since apparently, it overclocks nicely with that heatsink and fan it has.
Well the ATI I had the Arctic Cooling Silencer on it. So they are fairly comparable. I'd have to say that the 6800GT is a TAD louder. But nothing to whine about. Now I just need to figure out overclocking this thing. Apparently it's pretty nice for it. :)
i have the card. the noise level...... well...... to be honest i don't even know if i'm hearing it or not (though probably not). my case has 5 fans (2x 80mm, 3x 92mm), plus the CPU fan, plus the hard drive, plus the two 80mm fans in the power supply..... so it's kinda hard to tell if i'm hearing it at all or not. my computer is pretty quiet though for all that commotion going on. absolutely love the card.

ShepsCrook: this card can OC like a beast. lol. i sometimes have mine at Ultra speeds (underclocked it ages ago due to the fact that it overheated during some massive Star Wars: Republic Commando gaming...... scared the crap outta me when everything graphic wise went to hell), and the temp barely moved.
I have noticed that the card is slower at playing the movies for BF1942 though. Which seems strange since I have it overclocked to Ultra speeds...
It's much slower then the ATI X800Pro that I overclocked...
Oh yeah, and it looks like I have an idle temp of 55c. Not sure what my load temp is but that seems pretty decent since I've seen temps into the 78c range.

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