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Lawyer wants "bug-free" warranty on software...

A public interest lawyer who is also intending to run as a Republican in the 2006 Illinois gubernatorial race is taking his fight to Microsoft in hopes of preventing the company from releasing what he calls "bad code."

Andy Martin of The Committee to Fight Microsoft on Tuesday announced his intentions to block Microsoft from releasing its Windows Vista operating system. Martin intends to ask Microsoft for an unconditional warranty that the operating system is free of bugs that could result in security vulnerabilities.
Source: BetaNews

Andy Martin of "The Committee to Fight Microsoft"
Hahaha...what a clown!


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rofl, he doesnt realize that EVERY software app will have problems with security and stability. If he were here now I would slap him
I was reading some of the comments posted under that report and noticed that someone posted a link to this article from December 1999 (emphasis mine). Apparently this isn't his first time. :p

Andy Martin, who first came to some modest attention in IT circles when he founded a pressure group five years ago called the Committee to Fight Microsoft Corporation, is campaigning in New Hampshire to become the Republican party candidate for US President next year. He's a Florida-based public interest lawyer, legal activist and the self-dubbed "first consumer activist of cyberspace". Yesterday he released a proposed statute to protect privacy, which he claimed was in response to a Washington Post article drawing attention to how telemarketers could obtain telephone information from blocked and unlisted telephone numbers.

Martin favours the breakup of Microsoft and the banning of contracts between the divested enterprises. Despite Martin's frequent press releases, his CTFM has been shunned. Martin announced that he had mailed consumer fraud charges against Microsoft to all 50 state attorney generals, because Windows 95 did not work with 4Mb of RAM, as Microsoft had claimed, but it is unlikely that this affected the decision of 20 of them to join the DoJ in its action against Microsoft. Martin protested outside a New York store selling Windows 95 when it was released, which apparently resulted in the police controlling a crowd that formed.

He was invited to appear on the CNBC television programme America's Talking that evening, but at the very last moment, when Martin was at the studios, he was told that the program segment was cancelled. Microsoft has a business relationship with NBC. An infuriated Martin announced the burning of Gates and Windows 95 in effigy in Florida, a funeral for Windows 95, and a "Boycott Bill Gates for Christmas" campaign, adding that he was suing NBC Television, General Electric and Microsoft for $50 million. He also tried to promote a ban on Windows 98. Wags have suggested that CTFM was quietly funded by Microsoft to forestall any more serious opposition. ®
Source: The Register

This guy wanted to run for President.
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he has used a computer, just actually never had to code anything :p
let him take a few CS classes and he will shut the hell up.
melon said:
Politicians are computer illiterate. This guy just takes "illiterate" to a new level. :p

I don't have a problem with computer-illiterate people. They usually know their limitations. This guy doesn't.
Besides, the very fact that he actually blames Bill Gates personally for his problems proves that he's a n00b. :D


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That guy is the prime example of a total computer illiterate moron .. That is as funny as Al Gore saying he invented the internet lol ..

Electronic Punk

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I bet everyone would love a bug free application, but it comes down to something created by a person or people it is going to have bugs in.


I'm sorry Hal...
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Yes! its about time someone took on this kind of thing! Bug free code is easy to do and anyone who doesn't is a slack programmer who doesn't know his writeln from his printf.

I'm going to vote for him


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Johnny said:
That guy is the prime example of a total computer illiterate moron .. That is as funny as Al Gore saying he invented the internet lol ..

Funny thing is he was just on Jay Leno the other night. Jay said something about it to him and I forgot what his reason for saying it was but yeah ummm not sure what i am getting at lol.


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Thing is microsoft could release software which has significantly fewer bugs than normal, but it would cost twice the price and still would have bugs in that people would find! :p
bout time someone is attempting to reign in bad programming.

Shame on yourselves for writing such sh*%#y code.

heh... Joking .... hehehhe... I agree with you all here. I think Johnny said it best... MORON. :)


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This just in.....Andy Martin of The Committee to Fight Microsoft has announced that he is putting tot he white house a comprehisive plan to turn over all humans to computers! That is right, the computers will be our masters, they will write their own code as well as laws for man!

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