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Latest Builds of Apache, PHP, MySQL & phpMyAdmin on Windows

Hey guys, I've recently done a clean format and setup my system to the way I like it. Before the format however, I was running Apache, PHP 4.3.10, mySQL and phpMyAdmin. They were all old releases, but all stable builds.

Now that I want to setup a local server again, I want to have all the latest stable builds running. I know where to get everything from, but it's a matter of setting it all up. I'm aware I'd need to change a few things in the Apache httpd conf files in order to get PHP running properly, as well as with regards to phpMyAdmin -- I'd need to edit a few files here and there.

The problem I'm having? I need a guide to help me install all of these in the correct order, editing anything that needs to be edited along the way lol, and well, getting me back to having my little local testing server again for client and personal projects. I'd appreciate all the help I can get.

Also, what's Zend optimiser? And is it recommended to have that setup on the system too?


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Funny, cause I was playing around with the stuff today. Although I took the uber easy route: XAMPP. Not sure if you've heard of it before.

Simply download it, click on a file to install. Then you just have to press a couple buttons to run apache, mysql, and phpmyadmin.

Also, if you decide to go this route, you might just want to grab xampplite from that same page.
Zend optimizer serves to byte compile some of your scripts in memory (or elsewhere) to improve the speed of your application. It is also required to run zend encoded php scripts as well.
Ah, great. Thanks for the recommendation Omar, and thank you for your explanation of Zend, Geffy. How have you been keeping by the way? It's been a long time since I last spoke to you. :)

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