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Latest ATI Catalyst Drivers



Has anyone had a problem with the latest ATI Catalyst Drivers?

I had a nightmare this morning with them, firstly I tried to install them and just kept getting a servere message warning telling me that it couldn't find an inf file and that I would have to install the standard graphics drivers first. Then I managed to get them installed and when I rebooted I found my system painfully slow and the effects on toolbars and menus would litterally take 2nds to perform. Added to that every time I tried to switch resolution the computer would crash.

I've solved the problems now fortuntely by simply not running the ATI installer program and just clicking update driver and selecting the folder the installation files were extracted to.

To rule out wether this is a problem with my machine in someway, i was wondering has anyone else experiened issues like these?


Sounds like your were unlucky m8. I have just installed the new Catalyst 2.4 drivers with NO problems whatsoever.

Rule of thumb is..

1.Use Add/Remove programs to uninstall contol panel, you dont have to reboot when you get the message at the end.

2. Use Add/Remove ATI display driver, and reboot

3. On next bootup you get message saying device found install drivers etc, click CANCEL or NO, dont do anything yet, wait till XP has finished loading.

4. Run the wxp-w2k-radeon-6-13-10-6200-efg.exe, & reboot when prompted.

5. Run CONTROL-PANEL-6-13-10-3041-efg.exe control panel and reboot when prompted.


Install RefreshForce from http://www.pagehosting.co.uk/rf/ and set your monitors refresh settings. The qutodetect should work ok, check the resulting settings, and adjust as necessary, then reboot when prompted.

Open display properties, settings, advanced, display and click on the monitor button. Set DirectX override to "SAME AS DESKTOP".

Personally I like these new Cats, very good ATI :D
I had the same problems with installing the drivers. I kept getting the could not find an inf.file. I did manage to install them by just clicking the update, but i still can't get the control panal to install. And i did everything like the previous poster said.


Maybe the file could of been corrupted in download?, I dunno.

I had a quick look on Rade3Ds forum, (ATI specific) and saw simillar posts, about install issues.

I dunno how mine worked!!!!..


Thanks for all the help and confirmation that it's not me!!

Regards the refresh rate issue I did read that the latest drivers can fix this problem but only with direct X.

Lets just hope that ATI smarten up with there driver packages.


no problemo NegativeFactor :)

But being positive!!!.. sorry for pun!!..the refresh rate issue is set for Cat2.5 release.. so Ive heard. :D :D


Thanks for the refresh lock tip also, that far better than the rage3d tweak I was using before, since it doesn't need to run in the backgroud and doesn't make stupid voices!!



Yeah, its that newly added Smartgart function. It's supposed to properly and accurately detect your AGP Interface Speed and whether you have Fast-Writes. Didn't work for me, I had to take the old drivers out and direct XP to them on startup. That removed Smartgart altogether.


I'm just managed to find out that it was actualy the smartgart function that was causing problems on my machine! Installing the drivers the normal way would mean that the smartgart would attempt to run at next login, this wouldn't work and would in turn cause the slow menus and slow window dragging to happen. After installing the drivers the hardway (clicking update drivers and selecting the folder) I ran the smartgart facility and turned fast writes on, it mentioned something about having to reboot and test, so I did. Then lone behold the same problem again, menus were real slow and dragging windows also.

Beware the smartgart!!!

Actully i just thought, maybe its something to do with me having fast right turned off in the BIOS? I think you can do that can't you? (i'm at work @ the moment or I would just check)

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