Last nVIDIA drivers f**ked up my computer HELP ME!!!



I'm having a big trouble in making my computer work fine.
I had the nvidia 21.83 drivers installed on my PC and everything worked fine then, when the 23.11 drivers were released I installed them and the computer as slowed downed, I went into the "Device manager" and under "Display Adapters" it was my card: "nVIDIA Vanta/VANTA LT" with a red "X" in the icon, I went into the "Display Properites" under "settings" I clicked on "Advanced" and on the "Adpater" tab under "Adpater Information" everything was with the following written: "<unavailable>" since then I can't install the previous drivers (21.83).
I have trued to install them in many different ways and I can't make my computer work right.
Right now on Device manager >> Display adapters >> NVIDIA VANTA/VANTA LT everything is fine but if I go the Properties >> Driver >> Digital Signer it's written: "Microsoft Windows Hardware Compatibility Publisher" and I don't think that, that should be there. And like this my computer is to slow and it wasn't and I know it's because of the drivers. When I drag a window the window is dragged by piece if you know what I mean, some part of the window is moved the other part just a second later, this is because of the drivers and this thing applies also when scrolling thing, maximizing, etc...
Please help me, I need to make this work normal.
just to let others know, this became an IRC help session.
Let us know how you got on.

If you are stuck, try IRC as we are sometimes not idle :D

EFNET #pcdvd
Have you try booting to safe mode. and install vga driver only?

you can roll back the driver to your previous version!

I have update to 23.11 ..and now animator 3.0 is not crashing anymore ?

reinstall 23.11 ?

hope this help
I fixed the problem uninstalling the drivers from add & remove programs
Woohoo that was my suggestion
In your face JJ :p

Seriousy tho, you should be ok with the 21.83 drivers on a more mature graphics card like the Vanta.
I know it was your idea and I thank you for that
i'm just telling the other guys how I fixed it
Originally posted by C-O-R-E-Y
I know it was your idea and I thank you for that
i'm just telling the other guys how I fixed it

And quite right 2 corey :p

EP is just proud - he has that answer on his clipboard and has been dying to use it :D

Only kidding EP LOL

Also just waffling ---- mmmm did I just say that?
Oh well nearly there

lol, I was just kidding.

Kylie, you cheeky little mynx.
Me cheeky - have you checked that grin on your avatar !!!

Bet you beam that one at all the girls in yourr neighbourhood hahah

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